Self Defence for Girls

In an increasing uncertain world, it is critical that our daughters and nieces grow up smart, strong and confident. And importantly, grow up knowing how to look after themselves if things go wrong.

Krav Maga for Girls
Krav Maga is a simple, practical self defence system that was originally designed for men and women of the Israeli Defence Forces. Krav Maga’s reputation as an easy to learn, effective system of training resulted in it’s rapid global expansion and the emergence of Krav Maga programmes for children. No matter what your daughters skill or fitness level at the start, our specially trained instructors will build a fitter, tougher more confident girl who is better equipped to keep herself safe in the face of an unexpected situation.

Starting Young
Our Krav Maga Juniors programme was written for boys and girls from 7 years up to 16 years of age and is delivered by specially trained and screened professional instructors. Krav Maga Juniors focuses on planting the seed of confidence from the outset, using games and carefully structured sessions to build awareness, confidence and physical skills such as striking, releases and escapes. Training is delivered in a fun, dynamic environment focused on positive outcome and achievement of small goals. By taking Krav Maga lessons from an early age, not only will she feel confident and good about herself, she’ll grow up knowing how she deserves to be treated , how to avoid bad situations and what to do if she finds herself caught up in one.

Come and Try us
To find out more, why not give us a call or enrol your daughter in a Free Krav Maga Juniors lesson and see how she thrives when challenged.